Step-by-Step Courses to English Fluency

Do you want to speak English in a natural and confident way? Find out how Language Labz takes you on a step by step journey with the latest Cambridge Assessment English courses.


Pre-schoolers (Age 4 – 6)

Regardless whether your little ones have little or zero exposure to English language, our bespoke Language Labz Pre-starters course can always be the starting point of your English language learning journey. Our course content covers all the language skills, which helps to build a strong language learning foundation among absolute beginners. At the end of our Language Labz’s Pre-starters course, you will have the knowledge on phonics and simple English words.


Primary students (Age 7 – 12)

Designed to suit you primary age (seven to twelve), our Cambridge Young Learners English courses aim to further develop your basics in English language learning. The course curriculum is organised into three level courses (Pre A1 StartersA1 MoversA2 Flyers) and you will get to improve progressively from a lower level course to a higher level course. At the end of our Cambridge Young Learners English courses, you will gain all the necessary language skills to pass your UPSR examination with flying colours.


Secondary students (Age 13 – 17)

When you are a secondary student at the age between 13 to 17, we have our Cambridge Assessment English: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary and B2 First level courses to suit you. From these courses, you will get to master your practical English skills based on our step-by-step learning and gain confidence in English communication while moving through the levels (A2 KeyB1 PreliminaryB2 First). Upon completion of our B1 Preliminary level course, you will have all the essential language skills to do well in your PT3 examination. Also, our B2 First level course will prepare you to ace your SPM 1119 English or IGCSE examination too. At the end of these level courses, you will be able to apply excellent language skills in real-world and communicate effectively in English-speaking environment.


Higher Education 

When you wish to pursue higher education as well as work or live in any English-speaking countries, our Cambridge Assessment English: C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency level courses will assist you in developing all the required language skills. From these level courses, you will get to polish your language skills to an exceptional level and function excellently in a senior professional or high-level academic environment. For example, postgraduate and PhD programmes.



When it comes to career fields, we have our Cambridge Business English courses, which take you to achieving an internationally recognised standard of Business English. In terms of course curriculum, it is organised into three levels (B1 Business PreliminaryB2 Business VantageC1 Business Higher) and you will learn to perfect your practical Business English skills while moving through the levels. At the end of our Cambridge Business English courses, you will have all the language skills to work effectively at a senior level in international business.



Your journey to proficiency in English language can continue with our brand-new Masterclass Series which helps to develop and enhance in-demand skills. In our masterclasses, you will unlock the next level of English and be-prepared to step into the next chapter – albeit education, career or travel. For instance, you will learn the ways to develop confident CVs and master the art of digital communication. These are practical bite-sized workshops that you can bolt on to your learning experience at Language Labz.


General and Exam smart preparation courses

We offer bespoke General English courses to help you in enhancing your targeted areas in English language. Our courses are e set-up according to your specific purposes, needs and goals. At the end of our General English courses, you will improve in your targeted area and your English proficiency will be elevated.

When it comes to various English language exams, we have a wide range of exam preparation courses to guide you to the right path and strengthen your language exam skills. These courses include SPM English 1119, IGCSE, MUET, TOEFL and IELTS. At the end of the course, you will gain all the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in the exam.

Get onboard with us and we promise that you will get our support every step on your journey to proficiency.

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你想流利且自信地语吗?了解Language Labz是如何以最新的剑桥语评你一步步地走过这趟旅程吧


前儿童(4 – 6

无论你的小孩对英语拥有少量的接触还是零接触,我们定制的Language Labz Pre-starters课程是你英语学习之旅的起点。我们的课程内容涵盖了所有帮组初学者建立强大语言学习基础的语言技能。在Language Labz Pre-starters课程结束时,你将掌握对语音及简单英语单词的知识。


小学生 7 – 12

我们专设为适合初级年龄(7至12岁)的剑桥少儿英语课程旨在进一步发展你的基础英语学习。该课程被分为三个级别(Pre A1 Starters – A1 Movers – A2 Flyers), 而你将逐步从低级别的课程提升至高级别的课程。在我们的剑桥少儿英语课程结束时,你将获得所有卓越通过小六检定考试, UPSR的必备语言技能。


中学生 13 – 17

当你是一名13至17岁的中学生时,我们拥有适合你的剑桥评估英语,分别为A2 Key, B1 Preliminary和B2 First级别课程。从这些课程中,你将逐步掌握实用的英语技能,并在通过各个级别时(A2 Key – B1 Preliminary – B2 First) 逐渐获得对英语交流的自信心。在完成我们的 B1 Preliminary级别课程后, 你将具备让你在PT3考试中考取好成绩的重要英语技能。此外,我们的B2 First级别课程也帮助你在SPM 1119英语试卷及IGCSE考试中获取优越的成绩。在这些级别课程结束后,你将能够在现实生活中运用你优秀的语言技能,并在英语环境中有效地沟通。



如果你希望继续高等教育或在任何英语国家工作或是生活,我们的剑桥评估英语: C1 Advanced 和 C2 Proficiency 级别课程将帮助你培养所有必要的语言技能。从这些级别课程中,你可以将你的语言技能提升到一个优秀的水平,并在专业或高级学术环境中出色地发挥自己。如:研究生和博士课程。


在职业领域中,我们拥有让你达到国际认证商务英语标准的剑桥商务英语课程。该课程被分为三个级别(B1 Business Preliminary – B2 Business Vantage – C1 Business Higher),而你在通过各个级别课程时将会学习完善你的实用商务英语技能。 在我们的剑桥商务英语课程结束时,你将具备所有让你在国际商务中有效工作的语言技能。



你的英语能力之旅可以延续于我们全新的大师班系列课程,旨在帮助你发展和增强所需技能。在我们的大师班课程中,你将解锁下一个级别的英语,并准备好踏进生活中的下一章节 – 无论是教育,职业或旅行。举个例子,你将学习如何开展自信的简历及掌握数字通信的艺术。这些是实用的小型研讨会,可以让你额外增添在Language Labz的学习体验。





在各种英语语言考试中,我们拥有各种旨在引导你走上正确的道路及增强你的语言技能的广泛备考课程。这些课程包括SPM 1119英语、IGCSE、MUET、托福和雅思。在这些备考课程结束时,你将获得在考试中考取优异成绩所需的必要技能和知识。