Seremban's One-Stop English Learning Centre

Language Labz is Seremban’s new one-stop English language learning centre. Established in 2019, it aims to provide an opportunity for everyone in Seremban to learn English, regardless of age or level, through a practical and results-oriented way.

From young children just starting to pick up English right up to professionals wanting to be certified for their proficiency, Language Labz offers the globally recognised Cambridge English courses suitable for everyone. You can find out more about the courses we offer here.

Building upon the success of our sister company  ILTI (Ipoh Learning & Training Centre) has had in Ipoh, Ms. Evelyn Chen, Director of Education, said:

“We’ve run a successful language school model that has delivered results for more than 33 years in Ipoh, through our brand ILTI, and we’d like to replicate the same success in Seremban. Our aim is to provide more access to people throughout the country to learn the English language.”

Language Labz benefits by being part of the Bonanza Educare group of schools and learning spaces across Malaysia. For more than two decades, the team has pushed educational boundaries and developed the largest group of international and national schools across Malaysia.

Visit us LS Square 李三天地生活广场 (7 Lorong Rahang 1, Off Jalan Rahang, 70100 Seremban) to find out your level of English and the best course to suit you or give us a call at 011 6174 8246 for more information.


Language Labz是位于芙蓉市一家新成立一站式的英语学习中心。 它成立于2019年, 旨在提供英语学习机会予芙蓉的每一位。 无论任何年龄或英语程度,我们都通过务实和注重成效导向的方式来教学英语。

从刚开始学习英语的孩子到想要获得英语水平认证的专业人士,Language Labz提供适合所有人,并获得全球认可的剑桥英语学习课程 。你可以在获取更多关于课程的资讯。

基于我们姐妹公司ILTI (Ipoh Learning & Training Centre) 在怡保取得成功。教育总监,Evelyn Chen,说到:“我们有一个成功的语言学校模式,我们的品牌ILTI在怡保取得了超过33年的非凡的成就,我们希望在芙蓉也重现同样的成功。我们的目标是为全国各地的人民提供更多学习英语的机会。”

Language Labz作为马来西亚Bonanza Educare学校和学习中心集团的一员受益匪浅。 在超过20年的时间里,该团队不断拓展教育领域,在马来西亚各地建设了最大教育集团包括国际和国民学校。

欲知更多详情,欢迎到访我们的语言中心LS Square 李三天地生活广场 (7 Lorong Rahang 1, Off Jalan Rahang, 70100 Seremban)或致电联络011 61748246 ,我们会根据你的英语水平, 提供最适合你的英语课程。