Top Tips to Pick "Just Right" Books

The world is full of great books, just waiting to be read.  How can you pick one that best fits you? Here are some top tips for picking the right reading books:

1. Recognise your purpose

You want to enjoy reading instead of doing it as a chore, don’t you? Hence, it’s important to recognise your purpose of reading before breaking your piggy bank for books! Question yourself if you are reading for self-development or self-entertainment purpose. As far as we could tell, non-fictions would be good fit for self-development while fictions are smart choices for self-entertainment. Bear this in mind to gain maximum pleasure from reading!

2. Identify your book genre

Moving on, do you know that you can spice up your reading enjoyment by looking for book genre that interests you the most? Expose yourself to the list of book genre here along with some book suggestions and question yourself what would be your favourite. If you’re getting a book for your little one aged six to ten, click here to land on the kid-friendly guide. Better still, you can even have fun unveiling your best fit by taking a quiz too! Witness the story when personality speaks up your best fit here.

3. Hunt for good reads

Good books that suit you are just within your reach! Instead of going for books that hit the bestseller list, we would encourage you to hunt for books that suit you. Here’s a suggestion – land on websites such as TasteDive, Whichbook and BookBub to get personalised recommendations for your next read. Don’t forget to refer to the reviews or the blurb of the book to ensure the content is something that intrigues you too – definitely a not to be missed tip for books-buying addicts or those who’re on the hunt for “just right” books!

4. Adopt the five-finger strategy

Do you enjoy counting your fingers while solving Mathematical questions? What about doing so for book shopping? We highly recommend you the Five-Finger Strategy that helps in selecting the best fit for your level. Before adding the book to your shopping cart, flip to the page near to the middle and start counting the number of unfamiliar words on that particular page. If you’ve put up five fingers, wave the book a goodbye. It isn’t a good fit for you at the moment and you can either forget it or add it to your to-read queue!

5. I-PICK mnemonic

If you couldn’t get the above-mentioned tips glued to your mind, the I-PICK mnemonic suggested by “The Sisters”, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser would definitely ride to your rescue. Go with the flow and question yourself with the I-PICK mnemonic:

I – I choose a book.

P – Purpose (Why do I want to read this book?)

I – Interest (Does the book interest me?)

C – Comprehend (Do I understand what I am going to read?)

K – Know (Do I know most of the words?)

Utilise this I-PICK mnemonic and farewell to buying unfit books for yourself.

Meanwhile, you’re all set to get on the journey of discovering “just right” books. Make reading a habit to ascend your language proficiency to the next level! Elevate your English, elevate your life.


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1. 认清你的阅读目的

你希望享受阅读的过程,而不是把它当作一件苦差事,不是吗? 因此,在为了购买书籍而打破你的小猪扑满前,认清自己的阅读目的是非常重要的!问问自己究竟是冲着自我发展还是自我娱乐的目的而阅读。据我们所知,非小说书籍更适于自我发展,而小说则是自我娱乐的明智选择。记住这一点并从阅读中获得最大的乐趣!

2. 找出你的书籍类型

再者,你可否知道你可以通过寻找感兴趣的书籍类型来增加阅读乐趣?在此让自己接触书籍类型列表以及一些书籍建议,并询问自己最喜欢的类型是什么。如果你在为 6至10岁的孩子挑选合适的书籍,请点击这里登陆儿童友好指南。更好的是,你甚至可以通过一个趣味小测验来揭开最适合自己的书籍类型!点击此处以见证你的人格阐述你的合适书籍类型的故事。

3. 寻找好的读物

适合你的好书近在咫尺。与其寻找畅销排行榜上的书籍,我们会鼓励你寻找适合自己的书籍。这里有一项建议 – 游览 TasteDive, WhichbookBookbub等网站以获得供你下次阅读的个性化建议。别忘了参考书评及参阅书籍的简介以确保书中的内容是你所感兴趣的 – 对于买书发烧友或那些正在寻找 “恰到好处“书籍的朋友来说,这绝对是一个不容错过的贴士!

4. 采用五指策略


5. I-PICK 助记符

如果你无法将上述的小技巧牢记在脑海中,那么 “The Sisters”,Gail Boushey和Joan Moser所建议的I-PICK助记符肯定会拯救你。按照流程,并使用I-PICK助记符提问自己:

I – I我 (我选了一本书。)

P – Purpose目的 (为什么要阅读此书?)

I – Interest 兴趣 (这本书让我感兴趣吗?)

C – Comprehend 理解 (我是否理解我将要阅读的内容?)

K – Know 知道 (我是否知道大部分的单词?)






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