Top Tips to Ace Your MUET

MUET university English test

Read on to explore our useful tips in getting the most out of your Malaysian University English Test (MUET) band score.

MUET is an English proficiency test administered by the Malaysian Examination Council. The MUET exam covers all the four skills in language (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and it is made compulsory for students who wish to enrol into public universities in Malaysia. Its certificate is widely recognised by all universities in Malaysia and Singapore.

MUET is also one of our most popular in-house exam preparation courses for teachers. Let’s get started!

Top Tips to Ace Your MUET – Listening

Do you know that noting down everything you listen to is a big no-no in listening test? This attempt might cause you to lose track on the important information, as well as key answers to the questions!

  • Read the instructions

Instructions come first. Read them to keep yourself reminded on the number of words allowed in your answers. Caution: do not write more than instructed and note that a hyphenated word is counted as one word.

  • Skim the questions

Second, skim the questions beforehand to get a clear picture of all the potential information you are looking for from the audio tracks. Familiarising yourself with the questions helps you to tackle the answers better. To keep you informed you are given one minute to do so before your test begins. Be smart!

  • Selective listening

Do not forget to practice selective listening, select and note down only the required information as you listen to the audio tracks. Do not worry, do not be panic, if you miss out a word or two. During your second listening, catch up on your missing information while checking your answers. Remember to mind your grammar and spelling too!

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Top Tips to Ace Your MUET – Speaking

Speaking does not have to be daunting when you have our guidelines in hand. Master these techniques and speak out your mind like a pro!

  • What, Where, When, Why, Who, How

Firstly, we highly recommend you to brainstorm with wh-question words (what, where, when, why, who and how) to help in developing your ideas and views on the topic. Also, convey at least three main ideas with supporting evidence and appropriate vocabulary.

  • Master multipurpose phrases

Next, it is important that you master the multipurpose phrases that help in presenting and linking your ideas effectively. For instance, when you wish to introduce your first point, you can use phrases like “first of all” and “to begin with”.

  • Avoid filler words and Malaysian colloquialisms

Thirdly, we hereby strongly advise you to avoid using filler words, especially the good-old Malaysian “lah”, when it comes to your speaking test. It noticeably degrades your speaking skills. Why not you change your habit to speaking standard British English from today onwards? Nothing beats practice, and more practice.

According to our MUET experts, situations given in MUET speaking tests are mainly based on current issues. Our suggestion for you is to practice reading newspaper or listen to broadcast news.

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Top Tips to Ace Your MUET – Reading

Get your feet on the ground and find out our top three strategies to ace your MUET reading test, the test component which carries the highest weightage in your total band score.

  • Skim and scan

First, you are always advised to skim and scan the questions before reading the text passages to get a general idea on information that you are going to look for later on. Meanwhile, you can underline the key words as it aids you in tackling the answer and in turn saves your time.

  • Read quality reading materials

Also, we would highly recommend you to read quality reading materials such as the Reader’s Digest, TIME Magazine as well as local newspapers, like the New Straits Times. As the articles in MUET reading test are mostly adapted from these sources, you can stand a chance to familiarise yourself with the articles’ level of complexity beforehand and apply your skills while reading.

  • Practice past year questions

Lastly, doing past year questions is a good way to familiarise yourself with the format as well as the types of questions in MUET. At the same time, you will get to know your weaknesses, apply your reading skills and train your critical thinking skills which in turn shape you into a more skillful test taker. Effort pays back!

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Top Tips to Ace Your MUET – Writing

Here is all you need to know to conquer the writing component of MUET. Be in tip top shape for your writing test with these great tips in mind:

  • Follow proper format and structure

Here’s a kind reminder for you: follow the proper format of essay writing to aim for a high score. For instance, do not include your personal opinions in task A and ensure that you provide a proper structure for both essays with a thesis statement. Use linking words where appropriate.

  • Mind your writing mechanics

Besides, we would like to emphasise that contractions and abbreviations are not allowed in academic essays. Bear in mind that all you need to do is to spell the words out and stick firmly to formal writing voice. Do not forget to pay close attention to your grammar and spelling too.

  • Practice

Lastly, do you know that reading and writing are intimately connected? You can always improve your writing by doing a lot of reading as it helps in developing varied vocabulary, ideas and viewpoints. Meanwhile, you will get to broaden your horizon on certain topics and it aids you in your task B. However, reading itself is not enough to brush up your writing skills. All you need to do is read and write at a consistent manner. Hands-on experiences, peeps!

According to our MUET experts, topics given in MUET writing test are mainly based on current issues.  We bet you know what to do!

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MUET university English test

阅读并探索我们有用的贴士,让你尽可能在马来西亚大学英语考试 (MUET)中达到最高的等级。

MUET是一项由大马考试理事会制定的英语水平测试。该考试涵盖了四项语言技能 (听,读,写,说) ,对于希望进入马来西亚公立大学的学生来说,MUET是一项必修考试。该证书亦得到马来西亚和新加坡所有大学的广泛认可。






  • 阅读指示




  • 读问题



  • 选择性聆听







  • 什么、哪里、何什么、、怎

首先,我们强烈建议你在集思广益时使用wh-疑问词(什么、哪里、何时、为什么、谁、怎样),以帮助你发展对该主题的观点及想法。此外,传达至少三个主要观点,并加以提供支持性证据 / 阐述及适当的词汇。


  • 掌握多用途短

接下来重要的是,掌握有助于有效表达和连接想法的多用途短语。举个例子,当你想介绍你的第一个观点时,你可以使用 “first or all” 还有 “to begin with”这样的短语。


  • 避免使用填充来西

第三,我们特此强烈建议你在会话测试时避免使用填充词,尤其是马来西亚标准的 “lah”。它明显地降低了你的会话能力。从今天起,为何你不改变你的习惯,并开始说标准的英式英语呢?没有什么比练习更能战胜练习了。







  • 审视



  • 阅读优质阅读材料

此外,我们强烈建议你阅读优质的阅读材料,如读者文摘, 时代杂志以及新海峡时报等当地报纸。由于MUET阅读测试中的文章大多数采纳于这些来源,你可以借此机会提前熟悉文章的复杂程度,并在阅读的同时运用你的技能。


  • 届考







  • 遵循正确的格式和



  • 注意你的



  • 练习

最后,你是否知道阅读和写作是紧密相连的? 你可以通过大量的阅读来提高你的写作水平;因为这有助于你培养不同的词汇,想法,及观点。同时,你也可以在某些题材中拓宽视野,进而有益于你完成B项考题。然而,阅读本身并不足以提升你的写作能力。你需要做的就是定期阅读及写作。朋友,需要实践经验啊!