Top Tips to Make English Fun and Enjoyable


Get on the right route to learning English effectively and enjoyably with these three checkpoints.

1. Rhyme Away

Do you enjoy singing? Did you know that sing along song lyrics is a great way to learn the language? It enables you to learn the rhythm of a language, practice different sounds, improve listening skills as well as grasp on new vocabularies, all at the same time. Hence, it is suggested for kids aged five to twelve to sing along to phonic songs with subtitles while for teenagers aged 13-18, you are recommended to print out the song lyrics to enhance language learning. Singing your heart out instead of solely listening to the songs aids in brushing up your English proficiency!

2. Have a movie night- without subtitles

Great movie coupled with popcorn or some of your favourite snacks; what a blissful way to relax while picking up your English language. Hold on. Do not forget to turn off the subtitles! It aids you in practicing your listening skills. Also, as conversations in the films mirror real-life situations, it helps to familiarise yourself with the interactive English language and get to know the natural flow of speech. Why not you brush up your English language while having a whale of a time? Here are our recommendations exclusively for you- visit BBC Learning English Channel on YouTube or land on respective website of English Central, English Attack or British Council. Let us know your thoughts on their films!

3. Read

You want to enjoy the reading process instead of doing it as a chore, don’t you? Thus, the materials do not necessarily have to be academically written. It can range from storybooks, novels, newspapers, magazines to any writing pieces that interest you as long as it is in English. This lends you a hand in expanding your vocabularies, developing your understanding in the language and seeing grammar usage in action. Refer to the blurb of the book before reading to ensure its content is something that intrigues you. As for beginners, Dr. Seuss’s and Roald Dahl’s books are highly recommended!

Oops! You have reached at the end of the route. Before you disembark, we advice that you adopt the way which works best in you.  Practice them to ascend your English language to another level while having fun. Elevate your English, elevate your life.




1. 押韵


2. 有一个没有字幕的电影之夜

精彩的电影加上爆米花或一些你最喜欢的零食;学习英语是一种多么幸福的放松方式啊! 等一等。别忘了关掉字幕! 它帮助你练习听力技巧。此外,电影中的对话反映了现实生活中的情景,这有助于你熟悉英语的互动,了解语言的自然流动。为何不趁享乐时间同时温习一下你的英语呢? 以下是我们专门为你提供的建议——登陆YouTube上的BBC Learning English Channel 或 游览English Central、English Attack或British Council网站。告诉我们电影的观后感吧!


你希望享受阅读的过程,而不是把它当作一件苦差事,不是吗?因此,这些素材并不一定要选择学术性的。它可以从故事书、小说、报纸、杂志到任何你感兴趣的文字作品,只要是英语的这有助于你扩展词汇量,提升你对语言的理解,并看到语法的实际应用。阅读之前,可先看参阅书本的简介,确保其内容能引起你的兴趣。对于初学者,向你推荐Dr. Seuss’s 和 Roald Dahl’s的书!

啊! 你已经快达到目标了。在你终点前,我们建议你采用最适合自己的方式。在享受乐趣的同时练习它们,将你的英语提升到另一个水平。提升你的英语,提升你的人生。”